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Di » Hi Bri! I'm still around... kinda. Lotsa changes in my life, so haven't had the time to put up a new post I keep thinking of starting afresh... will let you know if/when I finally do! Stay happy
Di » Nice poem on your sidebar... broken walls... nice!
Di » Lotsa new posts here... I have to catch up!
Di » Ohhh... Tough! Hope you crack it!
Bri » MCATs are the medical college admissions test. Ugh.
Di » Hey what are the MCATs? Just curious? It's a nice ticker All the Best for it
Bri » isn't he cute!
Di » pic... not ic
Di » Hey... Nice ic in the profile there
c2pidcupid » nice blog. keep it up.
Amanda » Just wanted to let you know that I visited the page...it is very wonderful. Safe to say that if I knew you and you lived here in town we would be wonderful friends. Love it...keep it up!
Di » HEy! Been outta town for the last two weeks or so. Belated Happy Birthday to you... Congratulations on your iPOD!
Bri » Yes, yes they are. Even I can admit that.
emma » hey.. blog hopping, this place is nice..... tho im aussie, i really do think that the american government is a bit out of whack.
Di » Hey Bri! You've been tagged! Check out the link
Di » Hey Bri! Been a lil busy here... May not need that re-hab place anymore! How's you? Keep smiling
Captain_Kink » Hi - just blog-hopping, great place you have here - hope you have a great weekend
Bri » Thanks. I'm still trying to decide it I can deal with the boxes.
Di » And oh yea... I love this template!! Looks awesome!
Di » Hey Bri... Have had connection problems lately! How's you? Excellent grades... congratulations!
beyaz_yalanlar » by he way.. apollo 13 is great
beyaz_yalanlar » colorful blog... and great grades... see you
jr » cool blog
Bri » YES!!!!! DLF forever!!
Di » LONG LIVE THE DLF!! (Daughters Liberation Front)
Di » Hey Bri... long time no see... How'u doin?
mwahaha » how does this work?
mwahaha » i got my lisence today. YAY!!!
Bri » I am
Di » Hey! Thought you're back...
Di » Yup... one of the tagboards is still there! And Why is this dude spamming every single tagboard in town??!! HAAALP!!
Di » Yup... one of the tagboards is still there! And Why is this dude spamming every single tagboard in town??!! HAAALP!!
P.R.Z.__R.U.L.E.Z!1! » hi! visit my blog www.przrulez.blog.onet.pl and write a comment ;] Ps"The phantom of the opera is VERU GOOD! :]
Di » Hellloooo!
Di »
Di » you are back... but still no post!
Di » Hey wassup... Long time no post... busy?
wht ever » gggg
Wolfie » I like the little child in the backround
Diamonds » Ha ha ha!!!!
Bri » Do you think I should put the lists back up? They were bugging me, but now I kinda miss them!
Diamonds » Hey! What happened to your list of DVDs etc?
Bri » Thanks!
Diamonds »
Diamonds » design.blogdrive.com That's where I found the template.
Diamonds » Happy New Year, Bri! Hope this year brings you all that you wish for!!
ALIG » Hi!!!!!!!!
Bendrao » Hi
Bri » Meh. I hope so.
Diamonds » Hey have a good exam. I know you'll do well!
MoFo » Sweeeeeet!
D-Lux » hey nice blog
Diamonds » I know... but these guys just don't seem to care!! Anyway, I am back now... Hope you are good!
Bri » Tell them to get moving and get it back up! The customer service people I've had to deal with are rude and need to be bugged a lot.
Diamonds » Sorry, Bri! Just dropped in to say Hi! I guess!
Diamonds » Gawd... I am too tired to comment... my internet subscription's expired and those guys at customer service, don't care.... Lord, help me!!
dania » It is rare to find people who listens to Tal Bachman. Cool place tho
Scarlet » This is an awesome blog... You seem like a really great individual... Not to mention you're living my dream! Cheers!
guile » just dropping by .. cool place..
Diamonds » Hope ya have a great Thanksgiving!!
Diamonds » Bri!! You are an absolute Wizard!! I did manage to download the track from Ares afterall!! And the track quality just rocks!! Thanks a lot! You made my day! Love you!
CrapBag » Hope u get ur transfer .. I am a student trapped in engineering ... when I wanted to do psychology.. hows that?
Diamonds » Wouldn't it be great, if we could altogether do away with the education system
Diamonds » Hey! Feels great to be back... been trying to shake off my blog-addiction, you know. Weren't you caught up with exams. How were your mid-terms?
David Engelmyer :) » Hi Nsync you are cool and Lance you are nice
Diamonds » I meant lyrics page... not bage
Diamonds » ha ha!! BTW, I love the new song on your lyrics bage... Am gonna steal the first few lines for a post!
Bri » Thanks! That would be my OCD manifesting itself.
Diamonds » Hey, have I told you, I love the way you've organised your webpage... Everything arranged so neatly, alphabetically! You've been taking pains...
me » any hot girls
me » wasup
me » wasup
never to noticeable » hey im goign to that concert to that will be awsome and im listening to them right now too good job way to hae good taste
kris » u sound JUST like me email me sometime please its divineocean4@aol.com
kris » hi
john » nice blog......my bro's going to byu.....or at least he got accepted....
Bri » Jonny Lang sings Red Light. It's on his new album, Long Time Coming.
Carly » who sings that if you could run a red light song?
Bri » Yaay Westlife!
John » Wow... you mean there's actually someone else in Utah besides me that buys Westlife albums!! Sweet...
Jebus. » I concur; biology sucks major butt.
drea » dude...it's just a class....I've wallowed about grades...it's not worth it. What's important is that you try..if you fail you can try again. I hope ya can get through your bio class without failing
alley » hrm.. just looking at blogs and those THAT CAN CHANGE THE COLOR AND SIZE WHILE MINE IS BEING STUBBORN! hrm.. so yeah hi
awww »
jesser » hi! just dropping by
sexychick350 » hey wazz up
ham » hi there
fReaKz » hi. this is a good start for a blog. visit my blog, and we can be friends if u like. i will add u into my blog friend list if u want ?
Bri » hehe, this is fun!
ashantyz » helloz blogging by..