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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I finally got my mcat scores, even though they weren't posted at 5 pm EDT on 9/23 like they said. They weren't posted until sometime the next morning. Which meant that I had nightmares all night. No joke. Worst night ever. In one dream, I scored a 12. I don't even think that's possible, but it was sure a horrible dream. I woke up crying once too, because my dream scores were so awful. Not a good night. And every time I woke up, I went to the internet on my new phone to see if they were posted, but they were never up. Not such a good thing to sleep next to a phone with instant internet access, I decided.

So anyway, I did actually get my scores finally. Physical Sciences: 10; Biological Sciences: 11; Verbal Reasoning: 11; Writing: M. Remember when I wrote I thought my writing was better this time around? Obviously the two judges who spent 30 seconds each reading my essays did not agree, and I actually dropped two scaled points on that section. Seriously, what the hell? A stinking M isn't even at the 50th percentile. No, no. It's 10.5 to 32.0 percentile. Suck. I'm hoping schools won't focus much on that part, and look closer at my personal statement, which is totally coming close to rocking. But crappy writing score notwithstanding, I'm totally amazed at my score! A 32!! I would have been ecstatic with a 30. I hardly know what to do with the 32. Even the low writing score didn't deter me from my happiness of the 32. And I can't stop thinking that wonderful number (A 32 when I'm 23? It was fate). I go back to the AAMC website at least once a day to double-check that my score hasn't changed. I'm seriously in a panic that they somehow gave me the wrong one, and the 32 is actually the score of the girl that sat behind me that graduated valadictorian in my high school class. Nah, she probably scored higher. Good for her. I love my 32.

So now I actually have a real honest-to-goodness chance of getting into med school this time! I'm working on whittling down my personal statement (300 more characters to lose), picking my schools (I think I'm at 16 right now, which will be way cheaper than the 45 I applied to last year), and contacting all my references for new letters. Amazing. I'm actually excited to apply this year, because I feel like it's not the waste of time that it sorta was last year. I can't wait to start!

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